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Gold Note PH-1

MM & MC phono preamplifier


A high performance convenient MM & MC phono preamplifier featuring Ultra Linear Power Supply. Gold Note PH-1 is a shielded MM & MC phono preamplifier featurings an isolated power supply and able to enhance great energy with a large variety of phono cartridges. The silent background stage let the unit play low MC cartridges easily down to 0.15mV. PH-1 features a Gold Note proprietary four double stabilized mono amp stage design to optimize audio performance. The design developed for PH-1 allows quick matching with any kind of MM and MC cartridge and a wide option of set-ups with easy access impedance setting even below 10ohm internal impedance without the need of an external step-up transformer. PH-1 enables superior audio purity with any audio system featuring an optional external super Power Supply (PSU). 


Main details
- Frequency response 20hz – 20khz @ +/- 3db
- Thd (total harmonic distortion) <0.05% thd @ 20hz-20khz
- Ratio signal to noise -88db
- Dimensions: 100mm l | 105mm h | 260mm d
- Weight: 3.5kg

Audio inputs
- Analogue inputs one stereo rca
- Input sensitivity – from 0.15mv mc – up to 6.0mv mm
- Input impedance fixed 470o mc variable ? 47ko mm
- Gain 70db mc > 48db mm, > 65db mc

Audio outputs
- Rcaline output level: 2v rca fixed

- Mains supply – 100v ? 115v ? 230v ? 50 or 60hz (depending on market destination, not convertible)
- Power supply – ultra linear
- Power consumption – 20watt max

- External psu: psu-1 external inductive power supply uni
- Gold note lucca power cord

- Front panel: Black glossy grand piano
- Case: Black powder coated

€ 595.00