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Graham Slee Cusat50 - RCA > XLR

Dual Mono Interconnect Cable - 0,6 mtr.

CuSat50 audio interconnect cables are made from the finest cellular "air spaced" 75 Ohm coaxial cable stock. They feature high-conductivity high purity annealed copper conductors — a 1mm diameter signal conductor and a 100% coverage shield of overlapping copper tape covered by a high density copper braid. Such a high conductivity shield is required to minimise ground potentials between equipment for the lowest noise. They also feature low capacitance which assists with source equipment high frequency stability, and a high velocity factor (speed of signal propagation) of 82% the speed of light.

Phono to XLR
The CuSat50 is available phono to XLR.
This interconnect is configured for use where the source has phono jacks and the receiving equipment is balanced, wired to the standard XLR convention. It is recommended for the connection of a single sided source to the Proprius mono-block power amplifiers, where it provides the necessary "short" across the unused input phase. High quality Neutrik XLR (male) plugs are used featuring gold plated contacts, a hard wearing black coated finish and colour coded strain relief boots for channel ID.

- Coax stock cable diameter 6.5mm
- Single cable sheathed diameter 10mm
- Stereo cable sheathed cross section 16mm x 10mm
- Inner conductor 1mm diameter solid soft annealed copper; DC resistance: 0.026 Ohms per metre
- Shield Annealed copper braid over 100% copper foil wrap; DC resistance: 0.015 Ohms per metre
- Jacket PVC
- Dielectric 5 cell semi air-spaced
- Dielectric constant 1.49
- Velocity ratio 0.82 (82%)
- Capacitance 55pf per metre
- Characteristic impedance 75 Ohms
- Shielding efficiency Better than 65dB
- Lay-up "stereo" Side by side pair overall flexible PVC braided with welded ends
- Lay-up "dual-mono" Seperated stereo pair overall flexible PVC braided with welded ends
- Direction Marked
- Min safe bend diameter 150mm (6 in)
- Phono terminations Locking phono (RCA) plugs with gold plated contacts

This cable is one of my favourite on the market and with the Grado headphones I have found it helps to smooth out the treble while still delivering bags of fine detail... John, who works with Graham, designs these cables for the enthusiast audio community, and his knowledge of cabling is second to none, the guy handled similar duties for the BBC for a good portion of his working life.
Grado PS1000 Headphones & Graham Slee Solo Ultra Linear Amp Review, KitGuru, by Zardon, March 2011

. . . after only a few minutes of listening i was able to detect a distinct improvement in overall sound, the adding af a power amp has made a dramatic difference in sound quality, and the cusats have help deliver the music from source to pre-amp/power and made a dramatic improvement.
- forum member: bigfish786

I can't tell you how it compares to anything else, but I can tell you I have the cusat50 connecting my reflex' M and Solo UL diamond edition and it sounds fantastic, I would not think anything could better it. But I know we all hear differently. But a big big vote from me.
- forum member: Frostg

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