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EAR 868L

EAR 868L

Tube Pre Amplifier

Once again, Tim de Paravicini has delivered a product that gets the listener as close as possible to a live performance, and with exceptional value. Introducing the model 868 preamplifier, with a heritage derived directly from E.A.R.’s flagship preamp, the 912. For those that demand the best, the 868 features virtually the same circuitry and sound of the 912 in both the line stage and the optional phono stage, minus the meters and extra functionality. The 868 competes with the best preamps on the market, at a very reasonable price.The 868 is a fully balanced, transformer-coupled design, offering balanced and single-ended connections at input and output. It also offers a tape loop, remote control of volume, and several load/gain selections for the phono stage (868 LP).

- Finish Chrome

€ 4395.00