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Cascina del Monastera - Dolcetto d'Alba DOC Superiore

Red Wine

The Dolcetto Superiore is grown in Roddino, a village in the Langa. The subsurface of the soil here was formed in the "Langhiana" age, and it is made up of bluish-grey clayey marl, often interspersed with yellowish-grey sand and sandstone. The top surface contains a fair amount of organic substance, and has good cation exchange capacity. The grapes grown on this soil are tiny, round and black, containing dense, juicy, almost honey-like pulp. The wine is vinified in small oak barrels, where it stays for almost a year before maturing in the bottle, sometimes for several years. This provides the touch of breeding and elegance that makes it look similar to Piedmont's great red ageing wines, and means that it will keep for several years without losing its original tasting qualities. The result is well worth waiting for, with very intense purplish ruby hues and a long nose of fresh fruit and raspberries. On entry the taste is round and well-balanced, with just the right crispness and dryness followed by the slightest hint of tart and tannic sensations. Smooth and elegant, this is the soft red par excellence: an extremely versatile wine that goes well with both hot starters, and first and main courses. 

€ 11.50