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Kemp Power Bar 6-way

Kemp Power Bar 6-way

An economical version of our classic POWER STRIP

An economical version of our classic POWER STRIP
Never waste a good crisis. Our POWER BAR is the utmost proof that economical crises bring good things too! The POWER BAR is an economical version of our classic POWER STRIP. It’s shielded by an aluminum – non magnetic - housing. We used our LO POWER CORD and fixed it permanently to the POWER BAR (without any connectors!). It also has a tiny 2 way shunt filter and a surge protection. Also a perfect solution to expand your line conditioner with more outlets. Also available in a 3, 4, 8, 10 and 12 way version. .

- European Schuko version only
- Shielded against EMI/RFI by aluminium housing
- 2 Way shunt filter
- Overvoltage & surge protector
- No dynamics limiting switch and fuse
- Phase indication at the mains plug and outlets
- Mounting possibility with 2 screws
- Power capability 3800 Watts@230 V
- Dimensions 60x46x216 mm
- Standard supplied with a 0.5 m LO POWER CORD, other lengths available upon request.

€ 110.00