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Miles Davis - Live Around the World

Miles Davis - Live Around the World

Jazz CD

Released five years after Miles’s death and featuring music recorded between 1988 and 1991, Live Around The World is important because it offers listeners a chance to hear where most of the magic of Miles’s 1980s music happened – live on-stage. Put together using the soundboard tapes of Miles’s concerts, Live Around The World also gives fans a chance to hear some musicians who are not on official studio albums. Amongst the highlights are Kenny Garrett’s blistering sax solo on “Human Nature,” a rousing version of “Time After Time,” the funky “Wrinkle” and the moving “Hannibal,” taken from Miles’s last concert. One disappointment is that Warner Bros didn’t make this a double album, so that some of the tracks would not need such radical editing.

1. In A Silent Way
2. Intruder
3. New Blues
4. Human Nature
5. Mr. 5. heer Pastorius
6. Amandla
7. Wrinkle
8. Tutu
9. Full Nelson
10. Time After Time
11. Hannibal

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