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Kemp Power Source

Line Conditioner incl 1,5mtr. Power Cord



The most comprehensive mains conditioner for your entire audio/video system
The development of the POWER SOURCE took us no less than 4 years, as the design goals were very ambitious from the start; a mains conditioner that delivers the best possible improvement for a complete audio/video system in one modest enclosure.
- 8 grounded output power sockets
- Several filter sections
- DC-offset filter
- Overvoltage and surge protector
- Power capability 3800 Watts
- Shielded against EMI/RFI through aluminum diecast housing 
- Weight 13 kg
- Dimensions 250 X 250 X 100 mm/9.85 x 9.85 x 3.94 inches
- Standard 1.5 m HI POWER CORD supplied

Audio and video components are, on one hand, always surrounded by numerous other electrical devices indoors. Light dimmers, Computers, peripheral equipment, cordless phones, chargers, other TV sets, air conditioners, microwaves, washing machines etc. This is a normal situation in most houses. It is less known that all these devices create mains pollution and distortion. Some of them even quite severely. On the other hand, your components suffer from pollutions that reaches them from outside, e.g. street lighting, heavy industry, and elevators. Mains pollution and distortion has a strong – and often underestimated - degrading effect on the sound and picture quality of an audio/video system. The POWER SOURCE is designed to strongly minimize and/or completely remove mains pollution and distortion all in one go. After installation of the POWER SOURCE you will realize that the quality of the mains was a weak link in the chain. Arguably maybe even the weakest link. Most mains conditioners don’t perform well when used in combination with power amplifiers. The common negative effects are a less dynamic sound, degrading imaging and separation at higher volumes and with louder and more complex material. During the development of the POWER SOURCE we tested almost exclusively with powerful amplifiers to avoid these common problems from all other mains conditioners on the market today. Power amplifiers also draw strong power pulses from the mains supply. This creates mains pollution and distortion that affects all other components of the system. The POWER SOURCE is designed to be used with ANY type of power amplifier! Usually, manufacturers use too small an inductor, with too small cores and too thin wires, resulting in the bad reputation mains filters have for some people. Digital sources present another problem. The most often heard remark is a less pleasant ‘digital’ sound from CD/DVD/SA players, streaming audio devices and DA converters. In most cases this is caused by the mains distortion that is generated by these digital components themselves, affecting all other components in the setup by means of the mains. Elimination of this specific problem had a high priority in the design of the POWER SOURCE and we succeeded. Digital sources will sound much more natural and ‘analog’. The POWER SOURCE is designed to supply clean mains for a complete audio/video system and offers 8 power outlets. De POWER SOURCE contains 2 filter sections. A separate section for power amplifiers and a second section for 2 digital components and pre-amp plus 3 other components like a TV, DVD player etc.  The size of the POWER SOURCE is as small as possible without compromising quality and performance. Its modest size and black finish allows discrete placement behind the system in most situations. The length of the standard power cord is 1.5 m/5 ft. but can be ordered in any specified length.

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€ 1995.00