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Kemp Power Strip Plus 6

6 Earthed power outlets with Parallel noise filter (SNS MODULE)


In addition to the standard version of the POWER STRIP we also launched a PLUS version of it. Over the standard version, it has the following additional features:
- 6 Earthed power outlets with phase indication
- Attachment power cord: POWER CORD PLUS
- Built-in QA MODULE, connected to the output
- Input connector featuring gold plated contacts
- Output sockets featuring gold plated contacts
- All contacts are treated with DeoxIT and SilClear

After many hours of experimenting and listening we came to the stunning conclusion that the powercord between wall-outlet and POWER STRIP had far more influence than the one going to the equipment powered. We chose the POWER CORD PLUS because it matched best in this configuration. The built-in QA MODULE creates an even more natural sound and the harmonic structure of the bass widens. The frequency response seems to extend to the lower regions. Gold plated contacts ensure the best contact possible from the beginning, and they ensure this good contact stays for longer periods of time.

Convince yourself from the benefits of both the standard- and the PLUS-version and you''ll see the PLUS-version has the best price/quality ratio.

To get the best results from the POWER STRIP PLUS the correct polarity is important
The red dot on the power plug has to be at the phase side of the (wall) outlet. This will make the phase correspond with the phase indicators at power outlets of the POWER STRIP PLUS. Due to the standardization this is not applicable in the UK and USA. The order of connecting components to any power strip always affects the results (sound and/or picture quality). This highly depends on the components and personal preference. Although the unique star wiring of the POWER STRIP PLUS strongly minimizes this, we advise the following order, based on extensive listening tests. 
- Amplifier(s) and subwoofer if present
- Preamplifier
- CD-player (with a separate system, DAC before than the drive)
- Tuner
- Video/tv
- Turntable

€ 995.00