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Clearaudio Accu Power Supply

Accu-power-supply for + serie

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Automatic charging battery power supply, the real High End solution with enormous sonic improvement!
Cutting-edge high-tech selected and formatted NiMH-High Performance batteries are incorporated into the clearaudio Accu+ power supply unit which can be used to upgrade clearaudio "+" series phonostages to run on the purest DC Voltage possible.Battery power guarantees that no noise or distortion from the mains supply can pollute the delicate phono signal, producing the highest quality music reproduction and listener pleasure. The clearaudio Basic+, Symphono+ and Balance + phonostages can all be upgraded with the new Clearaudio ACCU+ Power Supply. Through innovative battery technology the Clearaudio ACCU+ Power Supply elevates the Clearaudio "+" phonostages to a new level of excellence.

690.00 € 345.00