Luxman L-550AXII
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Luxman L-550AXII

Integrated Amplifier ClassA 2x20W

Luxman L-550AXII
Luxman L-550AXII
Luxman L-550AXII
Luxman L-550AXII
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Pursuing a sound that appeals to the senses whilst creating a deep musical impression is the ultimate role of the audio amplifier. With pure class A design, the L-550AXII integrated amplifier is a refined version of the L-550AX which was itself fully restyled in 2011. The MK II model boasts improved functionality with the latest technologies equivalent to the higher grade L-590AXII such as Version 4.0 of the original amplification feedback circuit ODNF, the new LECUA1000, computerized attenuator, and a buffer circuit with discrete configuration as standard. Such features result in a model with capability of expression above its class, offering a mellow and dense sound that only pure class A amplification can create. The L-550AXII is a mid-range integrated amplifier that increases its maturity in an attractive, functional design for music to be thoroughly enjoyed.

The new LECUA1000 computerized attenuator
A pre-amplifier circuit-integrated computerized attenuator, new LECUA* 1000, equivalent to that used in the higher grade L-590AXII model is mounted in the volume adjustment unit, playing a critical role in the pre amplifier section.The renovation was made to the buffer circuit input stage to allow smooth volume adjustment in 88 steps thereby minimizing the deterioration of sound quality. Additionally, a 3D layout has been introduced in the new LECUA1000 allowing the substrates to be placed in three dimensions. The attenuator circuit is connected directly to the amplification circuit to make the shortest signal routes and improve efficiency. The LECUA1000 has exceptional durability and is capable of controlling the changes in sound quality that may occur due to external vibrations or sound volume adjustment.
*LECUA is an abbreviation of Luxman Electric Controlled Ultimate Attenuator.

ODNF version 4.0 an innovative amplification feedback circuit
The ODNF* , LUXMAN original amplification feedback circuit, features a fast primary slew rate and an ultra-wide bandwith achieved through the feedback of distortion components only from the output signals. The L-550AXII is equipped with the latest version of ODNF - Version 4.0 - in which the distortion characteristics at high frequencies as well as the S/N performance have been significantly improved. Version 4.0 ODNF also features a large scale power amplifier with a parallel push pull structure where 3 stage Darlington is used. Both of these features are inherited from the M-700u power amplifier and the higher grade integrated L-590AXII. A rated output of 20W +20W (8Ω) of pure class A amplification achieves a mellow, expressive sound with a heightened sense of density with high drivability to speaker systems.
* ODNF is an abbreviation for "Only Distortion Negative Feedback".

Large-capacity power supply circuit
A high-inertia power supply circuit that combines a large capacity EI core type power transformer (to which a vibration control feature has been newly added) and a large capacitor block (10,000uF x4) is an integral part of the L-550AXII. This large capacity power supply circuit supports the sound dynamics of the unit by enhancing stability at the core of the design.

Discrete buffer circuit
A discrete buffer circuit that is the equivalent to those used in the top end LUXMAN C-900u separate amplifier is mounted on the output stage of the pre-amplifier circuit. This protects the purity of the audio signals whilst simultaneously enhancing the drive force for the power amplifier.

Low impedance transmission
The large capacity, low resistance speaker relays are connected in parallel in order to transmit the powerful drive force that is generated by the high inertia power supply circuit and the large scale output circuit without loss. Connecting directly to the speaker terminals in this way significantly improves the damping factor from 160 to 200.

Proprietary technologies
The L-550AXII is designed using proprietary technology and customised parts to optimise the sound quality of this integrated amplifier. For example, the round pattern board enabling smooth signal transmission, and a Beeline construction configuring the optimal parts locations and the shortest signal routes. In addition to this, the loopless chassis structure minimizes the ground impedance increase.

Customised parts making sound quality the priority
Original LUXMAN OFC wires are used in the internal wiring of the L-550AXII achieving a smooth signal transmission due to the spiral wrap shielding on each core and the non-plating process on the core wire. The L-550AXII is designed introducing many custom-built parts and sophisticated technologies including newly developed high sound quality, low height block capacitors.
Abundant functions
The L-550AXII is equipped with a fully-fledged phono amplifier that is compatible with MM/MC cartridges. The front panel features multiple functions such as bass/treble tone control, LR balance adjustment, a pre/power separation switch. A loudness function interlocking with the sound volume is operable by the remote control.

Improved operability and functionality
The front panel features a newly designed, highly visible meter panel that expresses the identity of the MK II model with a ‘pointer type’, LED lit analog meter. The tactile machined aluminium control knobs enable greater accuracy of selection.

- Rated output: 20W + 20W (8Ω), 40W + 40W (4Ω)
- Input sensitivity / input impedance: PHONO (MM): 2.5mV/47kΩ, PHONO (MC): 0.3mV/100Ω, LINE: 180mV/47kΩ, BAL.LINE: 180mV/55kΩ, MAIN-IN: 450mV/47kΩ
- Output voltage: RECOUT: 180mV, PRE OUT: 1V
- Frequency response: PHONO: 20Hz to 20kHz (±0.5dB), LINE: 20Hz to 100kHz (+0, -3.0dB)
- Total harmonic distortion: 0.007% or less (8Ω, 1kHz), 0.02% or less (8Ω, 20Hz to 20kHz)
- S/N ratio (IHF-A): PHONO (MM): 91dB or more, PHONO (MC): 75dB or more, LINE: 105dB or more
- Volume adjustment: New LECUA1000
- Amplification circuit: ODNF 4.0
- Output configuration: Bipolar parallel push-pull
- Damping factor: 200
- Max. amount of tone control: BASS: ±8dB at 100Hz, TREBLE: ±8dB at 10kHz
- Power supply: 230V~(50Hz) / 115V~(60Hz)
- Power consumption: 230W, 170W (under no signal), 0.5W (at standby)
- External dimensions: 440(W) x 178(H) x 454(D) mm front side knob of 20mm and rear side terminal of 27mm included in depth
- Net weight: 24.3kg (main unit)
- Accessories: Remote control (RA-17A), Power cable
- Speaker terminal Supported Y-lug terminal dimension: Width of part a: 15mm or less, Width of part b: 8mm or more