Luxman L-507Z

Luxman L-507Z

Integrated Amplifier 2x110W

Luxman L-507Z
Luxman L-507Z
Luxman L-507Z
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Te integration of sophistication and technical evolution. Introducing our innovative Z series.
Luxman’s new generation Z series integrated amplifers.
Te L-507Z is the debut model heralding our new generation of amplifier products.
Featuring our newly developed LIFES amplification feedback engine, we look towards the future of Luxman.
This amplifier has realized a dramatic development in musicality that goes far beyond its class.
L-507Z combines advanced technology and sophisticated functionality.
Our new, innovative Z series integrated ampli er generation begins with this superb model.

Our latest amplification feedback engine brings music to life with LIFES Version 1.0
Luxman will celebrate our 100th anniversary in 2025 and we are proud to announce the successor to our ODNF* feedback circuitry, which has contributed to the audio quality of our amplifier products since 1999. We have developed a new amplifier feedback circuit, LIFES*, which has acquired realistic, fresh and rich musicality and overwhelming audio performance. LIFES is based on the technical concept of our epoch-making ODNF circuit and realizes excellent, dynamic characteristics without feeding back any of the original audio input signal to the main amplifier, achieving a remarkably natural sound quality, almost if it were a non-feedback equipped circuit. The design has been conceived and expanded upon from first principles using simulation technology and painstaking research. By repeatedly auditioning, rigorously scrutinizing and combining specially selected components, we have achieved supreme performance characteristics and a level of quality suitable for use in Luxman’s next-generation products. In producing LIFES Version 1.0, by carefully reimagining the entire circuit, we succeeded in reducing the number of paralleled elements while improving performance. The distortion in the amplification stage has been reduced to less than half of our previous system. The output stage features a 3-stage Darlington triple-paralleled push-pull configuration and achieves a class AB power output of 110W+110W (8Ω) and 210W+210W (4Ω). The high output power, comparable to that of a separate power amplifier, effortlessly realizes a natural soundstage, full of energy, to confidently drive any compatible speaker system, and bring out the best of its characteristics.

*ODNF stands for “Only Distortion Negative Feedback”.
*LIFES stands for “Luxman Integrated Feedback Engine System”.

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