Kiseki Purpleheart NS
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Kiseki Purpleheart NS

Low output MC Cartridge - Limited Edition

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What is a N.S. cartridge?
So while we use N.O.S. for New Old Style, we use N.S. for "New Style".
In our case it means that we use for our new 2013 designed cartridges the newest technology and parts, but based as much as possible on the parts as used in the limited version of N.O.S. cartridges and we use a new body. Actually we should say another -short size- body. We have chosen for a shorter body as that is easier to use with the arms currently on the market. The shape of the body is based on a design as already used by us in 19?? It is in fact a mix of the Kiseki body and the body of our MillTek high output MC cartridges. The N.S. cartridges are based on the same internal design, the same kind of parts as the N.O.S. cartridges, but all parts are current production.

“Following an absence from the market of nearly a quarter century, Kiseki's handmade MC cartridges are back, manifested in two separate lines: New Old Style (NOS), built in 2010–2011 using a mix of old and new parts, and New Style (NS), which are new in every way. The Purpleheart NS is among the latter, and features a metal mounting plate with tapped holes and a solid-boron cantilever with an elliptical stylus. Specs include a 42-ohm internal resistance, 0.48mV output, and a recommended VTF of 2.46gm, in accordance with the Kiseki's moderate compliance. In MF's system, the Purpleheart NS produced "rich, supple sound with a tube-like tonality and musical flow," albeit with "less-than-full expression of macrodynamics." All in all, MF found the Kiseki to be "a physical and sonic beauty. [It] offers a sophisticated sound well beyond what you'd expect at its $3299 price." (Vol.38 No.3).”
Michael Fremer, Stereophile Magazine