Kimber Kable DV 24
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Kimber Kable DV 24

DVI cable

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Digital Visual Interface cables were originally designed to provide a high-speed digital connection between a computer and its display device. The consumer electronics industry has adopted DVI connections for use with high quality video and audio equipment. The Kimber Kable DVI-D dual link cable has been engineered to enhance the critical interface between an extended definition or high definition source and a high quality projector or display. By preserving critical digital parameters the Kimber Kable DV 24 cable provides pristine detail with accurate color rendition and performs at longer lengths.

- Specially designed connector with locking screws and gold plated contacts.
- Silver plated larger gauge copper main conductors.
- High performance polyethylene conductor dielectric.
- Tri-shield design.
- Ferrite noise reduction beads.
- Full support of HDTV an QXGA resolutions.
- Available in lengths from 0.5 to 3 meters.