Kemp Power Strip 6
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Kemp Power Strip 6

6 Earthed power outlets with Parallel noise filter (SNS MODULE)

595.00 Prices include 21% VAT

- 6 Earthed power outlets with phase indication
- Star wiring with KE-POWER WIRE
- Shielded against EMI/RFI through aluminium housing
- Parallel noise filter (SNS MODULE)
- Overvoltage & surge protector
- Power capability 3800 Watts
- Supplied with a 1.5 m (5 feet) HI POWER CORD

Many of our customers asked us for a more simple and lower priced alternative for our advanced POWER SOURCE. This led us to develop the POWER STRIP. We all know the standard plastic "DIY shop type" power strips so often used to power high quality audio & video systems. It is not difficult to imagine that the power losses and pollution of the mains by an inferior power strip cannot be compensated or restored afterwards. Not even by the best audiophile power cords available. There are many brands and types of audiophile power strips available too. However, all of them use common strips or rails for phase, neutral and earth. This means that the current of the first outlet influences the current of the next outlets and vice versa. The POWER STRIP uses star wiring for the phase, neutral and earth originating from one point and thus eliminating this problem. Each outlet has its own supply connected with 3 x 2.5 mm² (13 AWG) wire. We deliberately avoided the uses of fuses or a switch as both clearly compromise dynamics and sound quality. The high quality aluminium housing protects against EMI/RFI and has an advanced earth circuit.

We also used the technology of our SNS PLUG in a module: the SNS MODULE. The wires used are our own special KE-POWER WIRE. This SNS MODULE is located directly at the input (star-point) of the POWER STRIP. SNS stands for "Shunt Noise Suppressor". The most important advantage of a parallel noise suppressor is that there are no serial components (i.e. coil) connected with the outlets. The parallel noise suppression technology of the POWER STRIP provides a very clean and spacious reproduction with a much richer and stronger bass.

To get the best results from the POWER STRIP the correct polarity is important.
The red dot on the power plug has to be at the phase side of the (wall) outlet. This will make the phase correspond with the phase indicators at power outlets of the POWER STRIP. Due to the standardization this is not applicable in the UK and USA. The order of connecting components to any power strip always affects the results (sound and/or picture quality). This highly depends on the components and personal preference. Although the unique star wiring of the POWER STRIP strongly minimizes this, we advise the following order, based on extensive listening tests.
• Amplifier(s) and subwoofer if present
• Preamplifier
• CD-player (with a separate system, DAC before than the drive)
• Tuner
• Video/tv
• Turntable