Gold Note AP-7
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Gold Note AP-7

Integrated amplifier

Gold Note AP-7
Gold Note AP-7
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The AP-7 is a compact stereo integrated amplifier powered by a proprietary hybrid-linear power supply, designed around innovative and efficient micro components. Such power supply allows the unit audio signal path to be fully managed by the linear stage, while all necessary service are driven by the hybrid stage, which always ensures maximum power capability even in a compact design. The AP-7 is fully remoted featuring 3 RCA and 1 XLR inputs as well as a world-class preamplifier stage with electronic volume control directly derived from Goldenote top units. The slim design and great audio performance enable the unit to be used in combination with any top quality audio system wherever the focus is on space and looks. The AP-7 features an optional external super power suppl, the PSU-7, an ultra low noise unit improves dynamic stability, timing, clarity and details to the music played.

- Remote PGA electronic volume control
- 3 RCA input
- 1 XLR input
- 2x30W

Audio inputs
- analogue inputs: 3 per rca & 1 per xlr stereo
- input sensitivity: 450mv
- input impedance: 47kω

Audio outputs
- speaker: gold plated binding posts
- output impedance: 0.02ω @ 1khz

- remote infra-red: rc5 proprietary code variable

- mains supply: 100v ▪ 115v ▪ 230v ▪ 50 or 60hz (depending on market destination not convertible)
- power supply: hybrid with temperature automatic stabiliser
- power consumption: 100watt max. – 5watt min.

- dimensions: 200mm l x 80mm h x 260mm d
- weight: 5kilos (11lbs.)