Gold Note Koala Anniversary
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Gold Note Koala Anniversary

CD Player Solid State

Gold Note Koala Anniversary
Gold Note Koala Anniversary
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The Koala Tube V is one of the best know CD player available on the market Despite its compact design the Koala Tube V is a real high-end audio product able to top class performance.  The Koala Tube V features the classic Goldenote output Zero-Clock™ enables a very effective jitter reducing an easy matching ability with audio amplifiers.  The Zero-Clock™ is a proprietary design powered by a T.I. CDCE906 Clock Master generator allows a reshaping the clock every time the unit plays an audio signal for perfectly aligned digital audio signal transimission.  Besides the Koala Tube V is powered by the proprietary design enable the classic Electro-Power™ design keeps stable the unit voltage on the audio signal paths for first class performance.  The Electro-Power™ system enables the CD player also reducing speed fluctuations lower than 0.0001% in any AC system, galvanically shielding the CD player from the floating environment. The Koala Tube V features a Class-A truly balanced output stage made with two 6922 tubes for smooth but detailed sound quality. The fifth generation of such acclaimed unit is today offered even with a nice and modern Organic-Led 3D display visible from any angle and long distance.

- Super Linear Triple Power Supply
- Fully Balanced Design With Rca And Xlr Balanced Output
- Rca Coax.Dig. Output
- D/A Converter Incorporated With One Coaxial Digital Input (1 Usb Optional)
- Tube Or Solid/State

Audio Outputs
- Frequency Response: 20hz – 20khz, +/-0.3db
- Thd (Total Harmonic Distortion): <0.05% Max
- Ratio Signal To Noise: -105db
- Dynamic Response: 125db
- Analogue Output: Stereo Rca And Xlr Balanced
- Line Output Level (Fixed): 2.5volt Rca/Xlr Balanced Rms
- Output Impedance: 800ω
- Phase Response: Linear Phase, Absolute Phase Inverted
- Digital Output. 75ω Coaxial Rca

- Remote Infra-Red: Rc5 Proprietary Code Variable

- Cd Formats: Red Book
- Disc Compatibility: Cd, Cd-R, Cd-Rw, Mp3

- Mains Supply  : 100v ▪ 115v ▪ 230v ▪ 50 Or 60hz (Depending On Market Destination Not Convertible)
- Special: Electro-Power®
- Power Consumption: 50watt Max. – 5watt Stand-By

- External Ac Filter: Dumbo Ac
- Other: Dac
- Other: Goldenote Lucca Power Chord

- Dimensions: 425mm L X 100mm H X 350mm D
- Weight  : 8 Kilos (18lbs.)