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Gloho Strip

Ambient lights

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Dear hifi and design lover!
Counteracting the trend towards multiple functionality and miniaturization, GLOHO is large, analogue, and not connected to any data or radio network. Gloho luminairs for hifi enthusiasts.

High-quality materials meet classic forms. Iconic 1970s’ design lives on. Wall-mounted with 25 mm spacing, GLOHO appears to be floating, hovering before the wall. The light flows from the background, creating an indirect, no-glare lighting effect ideal for studios, screen workstations, and listening rooms.

Technological reference, object of desire, or retro design icon: GLOHO enlightens the atmosphere. An homage to the days when music didn’t consist of pixels and bits. A most beautiful and aesthetic return to the roots.

Side effect
High attractiveness  – GLOHO makes heads turn wherever hi-fi is celebrated. Ideal eye catcher for shopwindow and store

- Dimensions ca. 194 x 11,7 x 12,5 cm
- Weight apx. 12,2 kg
- Aluminum nature anodized
- Electronic ballast Lamp 2x T8 38 W
- 230 Volt, 76 Watt