Enacom CSS-1 Tuning CD
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Enacom CSS-1

Tuning CD

Enacom CSS-1
Enacom CSS-1
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The Enacom Tuning CD, the first of its kind in the world, is an unprecedented new advance in sound designed to work in concert with the Speaker Enacom. Place this tuning CD in your current CD player, turn up the volume and push play. Tuning takes ten minutes. The Enacom Tuning CD sends a signal through your system which automatically re-tunes it, and extends the remarkable no-noise effect of the Speaker Enacom out beyond the speaker. It doesn’t matter what kind of speakers, or what grade of system you have; the Enacom Tuning CD will bring a whole new level of expansiveness and clarity to your music.

* In order to function properly, the Enacom Tuning CD requires that the Speaker Enacom be hooked up to your speakers first
* NOTE:CSS-1 may not be applicable to active speaker systems with amplifiers built inside the enclosure