Enacom AC Limited Edition
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Enacom AC Limited Edition

Audio Noise filter with 390i Plug (Schuko European type)

Enacom AC Limited Edition
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The AC Enacom just plugs into an empty AC outlet near your system. Each of them will improve your system more than any other inexpensive upgrade possibly can. FROM ULTRA HIGH FIDELITY MAGAZINE No.54: Does (the AC Enacom) work? Despite our initial doubts, it definitely does. Those harsh highs were considerably smoothed. The edge was taken off the woodwinds and the voices of the singers, but with no loss of detail. The dynamic range, which had seemed constricted, appeared broader, with satusfying crescendos and diminuendos. Listening to it was a much more pleasant experience. It is an unexpected bargain. If you can't justify one of the other filters--and with an economy system you can't--give the Enacom a try.

AC Enacom Limited Edition Review
I have some exciting news! The new AC ENACOM has just arrived, and so I immediately took it out of the box and tested it. Here is my report about what I experienced. The AC ENACOM Limited-Edition is simply the ultimate AC power adapter. It is highly effective and delivers amazing improvements in detail and dynamics, while adding fabulous musicality. After installing a new Limited-Edition, the music delivery became subtle, yet more natural and open. It also enhanced the stability over the entire frequency spectrum and made the entire listening experience more lifelike and rewarding. If my extensive AV business experience has taught me one thing, it’s that regardless of how much money you have to spend, it is hard to find something like this that offers such tremendous quality improvements and unbeatable value. This new AC ENACOM Limited-Edition is simply amazing; it offers a performance you simply cannot afford to miss.

Highly recommend!

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Virgil Warren
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