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EAT Forte
EAT Forte
EAT Forte
EAT Forte
EAT Forte
EAT Forte
EAT Forte
EAT Forte
EAT Forte
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The design of the Eat Forte turntable is based on a combination of two basic principles:

Separate Sub Chassis and a mass loaded turntable
This gives us the best of both worlds. The chassis of the table is very heavy and mass-loaded using metal-fi lled sand. The feet are magnetic and act as a sub chassis to support the table.

The platter consists of two parts.
The fi rst part uses a soft alloy, the second part, a harder one. This reduces energy fl ow. The fi rst part also incorporates the neodymium magnets. The platter weighs more than 20 kg (44 lbs).
The diameter of the platter is 400 mm (15.75½) (not the usual 300 mm [11.8½]). Kinetic energy stored in such big platter turning at 33 RPM is an incredible 2460 Joules!
This means that with the same weight you gain more moving mass on the platter. The platter also incorporates sorbothane damping to make it resonance free.

Vinyl matt
The vinyl matt is made from recycled vinyl records crating a perfect interface for the record. A clamp holds the record on the vinyl matt.

Bearing construction
The bearing is not standard but inverted with an oversized polished shaft. A ceramic ball is used on the top because it is very hard and inert. This, in combination with a Tefl on plate as a bearing mirror, is also a good damping device. Tefl on’s accurate satin surface produces perfectly smooth movement without any rumble. The platter has a magnetic suspension using neodymium magnets. By increasing the distance from the bearing to the cartridge, the small neodymium magnets eliminate magnetic infl uence on the cartridge.
Due to the magnets we can still move a large mass allowing the bearing to see virtually no pressure. This avoids rumble. (A mass loaded platter usually causes high levels of rumble.) The pressure of the bearing is adjustable. There are existing different philosophies about bearing pressure. With the Forte turntable you can adjust it according your preferences and taste.

Magnetic Feet
The table has large magnetic feet with a bearing and stabilization system. It guaranties close to 100% isolation from the fl oor and from airborne resonances. The magnetic bearing system allows us to use the extra silent Tefl on-ceramic combination.
Usually high pressure would cause the bearing to wear out over the time. This does not happen because of the very low pressure created by the use of the magnetic system.

The motor is a stand-alone, decoupled AC unit. It uses a sophisticated electronic circuit to create 100% clean AC. It is very heavy motor with lot of mass to reduce all the existing vibrations. Motor energy is absorbed by using a sandwich system of metal and MDF. We decided to use a “dual motor design” to eliminate noise in the motor. By using two relatively weak, but silent running motors, we achieve perfect torque.

Long belts usually have some amount of wobble. To avoid this we use a special silicon string. This movement is also absorbed by the bearing block and by the huge mass of the platter itself.

EAT the Energy
- The EAT Forte turntable is all about eating energy.
- Energy from the ground is decoupled by magnetic feet.
- Energy from the air is decoupled from the heavy chassis that is made from MDF and fi lled metal sand.
- Energy from tone arm and cartridge is absorbed by using a heavy metal tone arm base isolated by sorbothane.
- Energy from the belt is captured by the mass of the platter and by the string itself.
- Energy from the motor is captured by the dual-motor design, the decoupled motor unit and the mass-loaded motor chassis.
- Energy of the bearing is catch by the ceramic ball, the Tefl on plate and the magnetic bearing construction.

- Conical carbon-fibre armtube avoids standing wave reflections
- Inverted bearing design with four hardened ABEC7 spec ballraces
- Solid armbase permits accurate height adjustment of armtube and VTA (vertical tracing angle)
- Single-screw fixing of armtube allows rotation for easy adjustment of needle azimuth despite fixed headshell
- Highly flexible top-grade copper internal wiring
- Gold-plated RCA phono sockets

- Headshell 0,5" (12,7mm) standard
- Mounting distance 291,6mm (platter - tonearm base)
- Supplied counterweights cartridge weight 4 - 7g, 6 - 9g, 8 - 12g und 10 - 15g
- Downforce range 10 - 35mN
- Effective length 12" (304,8mm)
- Effective mass 10,5g
- Overhang 13,2mm
- Weight 271g (without counterweight)

E.A.T. has joined forces with tonearm wizard Bob Graham to develop the E-Go, a tonearm that extracts the ultimate performance from any cartridge it asked to accommodate. From the outset, E.A.T. has ensured that its turntables can accept a wide range of tonearms. With the E-Flat, however, the designers reaffirmed the long-held belief that a turntable/arm combination designed to work together can eliminate a host of matching problems, while ensuring superior performance. To increase the choice of available tonearms, and to add to its catalogue one of the finest cartridge-carrying devices available, E.A.T. has joined forces with tonearm wizard Bob Graham to develop the E-Go, short for "EuroAudioTeam – Graham Original". Based on the Graham Phantom II SUPREME, new design of Phantom III and using the new materials found in Elite but personalised for E.A.T applications, the E-Go offers owners of E.A.T. turntables the opportunity to employ an arm possessing unparalleled grace, finesse and precision. Evolved from the acclaimed Phantom, it features new internal wiring for better detail retrieval and improved freedom from any mechanical resistance, an upgraded pivot design for even greater dynamics, and a new titanium arm-wand. Of primary importance is Magneglide(tm), which transforms and optimises unipivot tonearm behaviour. Magneglide(tm) is a patented magnetic stabilisation system in which lateral stability and a portion of the damping are provided by powerful neodymium ("rare-earth") magnets, placed in a horizontal line from the pivot point of the tonearm. As an added bonus, the Magneglide(tm) system also permits the application of anti-skate through the magnetic coupling of the design, thereby eliminating ANY direct contact or possible resonance to affect the main pivot assembly of the tonearm. The anti-skate system is easily adjusted either by a thumb-wheel rotation or sliding motion of the bias weight for minute adjustments, from near-zero force to >3g. Enthusiasts with a selection of cartridges for different purposes will relish the E-Go’s ease-of-set-up. The arm tube is interchangeable and easily removable, so users can pre-mount cartridges on spare arm tubes. Thanks to a patented alignment system, it offers the safety, convenience and accuracy of cartridge installation and alignment away from the turntable, enabling quick interchange of multiple pre-mounted cartridges. Its counterweight accommodates a wide range of cartridge weights. E.A.T.’s E-Go is a tonearm that extracts the ultimate performance from any cartridge it asked to accommodate. E.A.T. will offer the E-Go to existing owners of E.A.T. turntables, as a pre-fitted arm for future customers of E.A.T. turntables, or to any connoisseur of superlative sound, with a turntable that can accept a 12in arm. EAT E-Go 12" effective mass is 14g

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