Dateq SPL-D2 sound-level display unit

Dateq SPL-D2

SPL display - Sound-pressure meter

Dateq SPL-D2
Dateq SPL-D2
Dateq SPL-D2
Dateq SPL-D2
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When connected to the SPL5 the display value is read from the SPL5 limiter. The bar can be used as a soundlevel indication bar, or as an attenuation bar.When used as a stand-alone unit the measuring microphone must be connected. The display shows the actual measured value. When the value crosses the pre-defined level the display color switches from green to red. This can be used as an indication for a live-band. When using a measuring microphone three measuring curves can be selected:
These settings can be changeg using the SPL-D2 configuration software.


- Large, clearly readable digits
- Can be used standalone, or as an extension of the SPL5
- Display is automatically dimmed in a dark environment
- Display-color changes when the threshold is passed
- Can be linked to the SRL-1 to act as circuitbreaker

- Compatible with Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, 7
- Display intensity can be adjusted
- Adjustable threshold
- Microphone sensitivity can be adjusted
- Limiter function can be adjusted


- Mic (measuring microphone) XLR- 3 female. To be used with the supplied measuring microphone only
- Jack 6,3 mm Jack. Datalink to the SPL-5
- USB To connect the SPL-D2 to a computer
- Norm Measurement chain designed to function according specifications IEC-61672-1 class 2

- Supply: Input voltage 24 V dc, Power consumption 9 W
- Dimensions and weight: Cabinet 255 mm x 125 mm x 47 mm (b x h x d)
- Weight 1 Kg