Cayin N8ii

Cayin N8ii

Reference Digital Audio Player with Tubes

Cayin N8ii
Cayin N8ii
Cayin N8ii
Cayin N8ii
Cayin N8ii
Cayin N8ii
Cayin N8ii
Cayin N8ii
Cayin N8ii
Cayin N8ii
Cayin N8ii
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Dual Flagship DAC chipset ROHM BD34301EKV x 2
The digital audio circuit is designed around two ROHM BD34301EKV chipsets. It is the first time for the chipset to be implemented in a porable player and each chip is operated in mono mode which maximises its performance. Two low-pass antialiasing filters (PCM mode) and three DSD Filters are available to fine tune sound signature.

The digital audio circuit around two flagship chipsets also features, 2 Femtosecond Crystal Oscillators with extremely low phase noise (-100dBc) to ensure high precision low jitter  digital playback. 2x2 Current to Voltage I-V Converter Network as low noise high current output stage of the ROHM DACs. 6-layer PCB enhance

Dual Vacuum Tube
Available for Single-ended and Balanced Phone Out
Fully balanced vacuum tube timbre circuit through two pieces of KORG Nutube 6P1 Double Triode. Both Nutubes are rigorously tested and matched before installation.Delivers smooth and sentimental musical through 3.5mm single-ended or 4.4mm balanced headphone output. Zero Gain Negative Feedback Loop circuit delivers strong current and impressive handling at difficult load. The transparent, transient andextension that rival the best solid state circuit but remain warm, smooth and involving.

Innovative Suspension Installation
Exclusively designed system to minimize mechanical shock and vibration to eliminate microphonic effect of the Nutubes.

Compartmentalized CNC Aluminum Chassis to create an isolated, fully damped chamber for Nutube installation.

Flexible Printed Circuit to minimize shock transmission to and from main PCB.

In-house designed Shock-absorption Silicon Housing to hold and shield the Nutubes.

Dual Output Mode P (Standard) │ P+ (High Output)
Regulate the operational voltage of headphone amplification circuit to offer two distinctive outputs. P+ will increase output and handling power with a more saturated sound signature.
- Single-ended Phone out: 720mW (16Ω)
- Balanced Phone out: 1200mW (16Ω)

Dual Amp. Operation Mode - Class A │ Class AB
The Dual Amplifier Operation Mode allows you to switch between Class A and Class AB modes instantly through the pull down menu.
Choose the sound signature to fit your personal preference of sound, music genres, and/or matching with different IEM/headphones.

Fully Discrete HeadAmp - Uncompromised Design
4-channels discrete circuit with Low-noise audio grade JFET (Junction gate Field-Effect Transistor) and BJT (Bipolar Junction Transistor).
Going discrete allows more room to fine tune sound signature and deliver superior performance over op-amp based design.
Uncompromised Implementation
To maintain all channels at almost identical gain for Class A amplification, we matched critical components and installed them to the PCB manually before reflow soldering.

Professionally Precision
Low noise low distortion electronic controlled resistor ladder analogue volume control from JRC, commonly used in audiophile preamp.
4-channel in one integrated controller offers higher precision, zero channel imbalance andl ower power consumption than two stereo volume controllers.
Dedicated PVD gold-plated brass volume knob engraved with glamour 3{4} dodecagram, provides precise control and elegant presentation.

Dual Line Out
Both 3.5mm single-ended and 4.4mm balanced line out bypass the headphone amplification circuit completely.
With that, N8ii can serves as a high-quality analogue source for active speakers and portable/desktop amplifiers.
Desktop grade implementation, fits for amplifiers with high input impedance.

Maximum compatibility with configurable output levels.
- 3.5mm: 2.0V (High), 1.5V (Mid), 1.0V (Low)
- 4.4mm: 4.0V (High), 3.0V (Mid), 2.0V (Low)

Interface Madness
Comprehensive choice of inputs and outputs

Phone Output:
- 3.5mm Single-ended
- 4.4mm Balanced

Unamplified Line Output:
- 3.5mm Single-ended (dedicated)
- 4.4mm Balanced (shared with phone, swtich in pull down menu)

Digital Interface:
- USB Audio Transport (USB-C,
- Output) I2S (Mini HDMI, Output)
- USB Audio DAC (USB-C, Input)
- S/PDIF Coaxial (Embedded USB-C, Output)

Bluetooth v5.0
Codec supported: LDAC, AAC, UAT, UAT TWS, SBC  (supports both transmit and receive applications)

Optimum Thermal Structure
N8ii features a special designed thermal structure which allows the device to stay in appropriate temperature even in long-term usage.
The nickel silver plate and graphite sheet attached to core components transfer heat to the CNC machined internal aluminum frame which works as a heat sink to direct the heat to all the edges simutaneously.
The structure maximizes the thermal efficiency and ensures the device to maintain its best performance.