Burmester 100
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Burmester 100

Phono Preamplifier with 1 Phono input MM or MC / without AD Converter

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With his latest phono preamplifier 100 Dieter Burmester picks up where he left off with his highly regarded and successful phono stage 838 from the Eighties. The 100 is pure catnip for analog fans. By harking back to a component that had been state-of-the-art for so long and bringing it with all available innovations into the 21. Century, Burmester not only gave LP lovers a new playback reference but also the technology to digitize their LP collection on the highest musical level. With a lot of top-notch engineering and design plus highest-quality parts the phono preamp 100 combines innovative technology and world-class analog playback in a practical tool for the digital music era.

The classic chrome front panel immediately shows the versatility of this phono preamp. The array of toggle switches actuates a multitude of functions for playback, control and adjustment. The prominent VU meter is not a nostalgic design gesture but a necessary instrument to show the amplitude of the left and right channel as well as their mono sum. At the same time it displays any imbalances between left and right channel at a quick glance.

Whether in a basic configuration or fully equipped, each 100 phono preamplifier is assembled by hand in the Berlin factory by highly qualified technicians. A final multi-stepped quality and listening test checks not only each switch and every functionality but also makes sure that the sound is up to reference standard.

- Up to two balanced phono inputs (XLR 3pol female), MC or MM version available (specify by order).
- Automatic recognition of the modules (MC or MM) and visualization at the front panel.
- Independent settings for each module which are selectable and automatically saved (impedance, gain, subsonic, output 0 dB/+6 dB, auto adjust on/off, etc…)
- Input impedance for MC module selectable (33 , 75 , 220 , 390 , 1 k, 47 k) thus optimal impedance adjustment possible.
- Input capacitance for MM module selectable (68 pF, 120 pF, 180 pF, 220 pF, 300 pF and 400 pF) thus optimal capacitance adjustment possible.
- The input impedances are switched by means of high performance audio relays, thus the shortest possible audio path is achieved.
- The input gain can be selected which assures the best possible volume adjustment of each and every Phono cartridge: MM: 37 dB, 40 dB, 43 dB, 46 dB, 49 dB, 52 dB. MC: 57 dB, 60 dB, 63 dB, 66 dB, 69 dB, 72 dB.
- Selectable subsonic filter to reduce large woofer movement due to wavy vinyl records.
- Automatic level adjustment of left and right channel (AUTO ADJUST) to compensate Phono cartridge tolerances up to 6dB.
- Optional selection between fixed and variable volume output
- One balanced analogue stereo output, XLR 3pol male
- One unbalanced analogue stereo output, RCA
- DC coupled signal path assures the best sound reproduction down to the lowest frequencies without any phase shift in the audible frequency range.
- X-AMP2 output modules with high driving capability feeds even low impedance inputsideally.
- Output voltage can be boosted by 6 dB for devices with a low input sensitivity.
- Output phase may be turned by 180° using a sliding switch on the back panel.
- Optional A/D converter-module with USB and S/P-DIF
- Two digital outputs, S/P-DIF (RCA) and optical (TOSLINK)
- Sampling frequency of the ADC is selectable between 48kHz/24bit, 96kHz/24bit or 192kHz/24bit
- Load display of the ADC with analogue audio level meter with dimmable illumination
- The meter can either display the left channel only, or the right channel only, or the mono sum of both channels.
- Illumination of the meter selectable
- In addition to the analogue level meter a fast responding overflow LED for short peak overflow indication is provided.
- The internal power supply features very low standby power consumption (< 1 W).
- Remote power up of other devices possible by means of the DC IN/OUT connection.
- Optional BURLINK module for external control via RS232 or USB
- Carbon fibre feet reduce micro phonic effects.
- Burmester remote control included