Mixing With Your Mind
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Mixing With Your Mind

English book by Christopher Holder, Editor Audio Technology Magazine

Mixing With Your Mind
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Mixing With Your Mind is beautifully printed on archival paper, sewn for durability, and bound in hard covers with even a red ribbon marker for easy reference.

Table of Contents...
Below is a list of chapters and sub-chapters to give you a feeling of what's in the book.

- Foreword
- he Art of Mixing
- Introduction
- Your Reference CD
- Setting up the studio - Keep Your Distance
- Doorway to Heaven
- Tuning Your Loudspeakers
- Vocals too Hot to Handle?
- Advanced Microphone Techniques
- No Cans Do
- That Killer Drum Sound
- Backwards Mixing
- Electric Guitar Magic
- The Time Machine
- Piano Techniques
- Gravity's Effect on Music
- Super Star Lead Vocal Sounds
- Ear Care
- Cracking Compressors
- Hit Record Formulae
- Digital vs Analogue
- Why London?
- Mixing  
- About the Author
- Glossary of Stavisms