Get Better Sound - The Reference Set-Up Guide
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Get Better Sound - The Reference Set-Up Guide


Get Better Sound  - The Reference Set-Up Guide
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Did you know that, no matter how great your home audio components are, you may not be getting more than half of their full potential from your system? Get Better Sound shows you how to get the crucial other half of your sound, and how to get it without spending a fortune. Getting that remaining other half depends on the thorough optimization of those components, and especially the careful voicing of the system to the room. Get Better Sound will show you how to do exactly that. Over 15,000 audiophile music lovers have received Jim Smith’s publication, 31 Secrets to Better Sound. And they’ve sent him many hundreds of thank you notes. If they thought that 31 Secrets was good, wait until they find out that Get Better Sound includes 202 tips, and it’s illustrated! These insights came from installing and voicing all kinds of sound systems—for audiophile music lovers, for audio shops, and at the largest audio shows—over ten thousand hours of invaluable experience gained by Jim Smith. Now you can use the same techniques that Jim used to win those “Best Sound of Show” press comments and to receive consistent acclaim from his personal clients for over 35 years.Jim’s goal is to show you how to greatly improve your sound, and how to do it without spending a fortune. Plus, when you do make a purchase, you’ll be confident that you’ve selected the very best component. The 202 tips in this manual have provided the highest levels of performance in audio systems around the world—in systems just like yours.

A few things that you’ll learn:
- How to make your system’s most important component work for you.
- The one thing your system must have to be musically satisfying.
- If you’re past 50, can you hear well enough to care about sound quality?
- Which FREE loudspeaker/component tweaks will yield huge dividends.
- Over 30 detailed room/speaker set-up tips that will improve your sound.
- Why you need to have an audio system “road map.”
- How to diagnose problems when your dealer/technician isn’t available.
- And much, much more.