Benz Micro Ruby ZH
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Benz Micro Ruby ZH

Low Output 0,7 mV - MC Cartridge

Benz Micro Ruby ZH
2,900.00 Prices include 21% VAT
The Benz Micro Switzerland Ruby Z and Ruby ZH upgrade these famous models to full “S Class” status. They feature the new Zebra wood body, second only to Ebony for its resonance characteristics, offering bass weight and pitch definition, midrange linearity and high frequency clarity with a natural musicality. The new MicroRidge stylus is featured, providing enhanced trackability, resolution and groove integrity. The generator is based on the Ruby square plate and available in both .35mV and .7mV outputs. The Ruby Z low output is best used with phono stages offering greater than 60dB gain, loaded at 400 ohms or higher. The ZH at .7mV is ideal for tube phono stages in the 50-60dB gain range, less efficient systems, and prefers a 47kohm load. The Ruby Zebra cartridges weigh only 10.6 grams, making them ideal for a wide range of tonearms, including today’s state-of-the-art, and vintage models lacking the energy control, bearing designs, or counter-weight range. As always, Benz offers industry leading trade-up programs for older Ruby owners as well as all Benz models.

- Stylus Shape - Micro Ridge
- Internal Ohms - 38 Ohms
- Loading Range - >400
- Weight - 9.6
- Compliance - 15
- Tracking - 1.8 - 2.0