Benz Micro Ebony TR

Benz Micro Ebony TR

Low Output 0,1 mV - 9,6gram - MC Cartridge

Benz Micro Ebony TR
The Benz Ebony series ($3,500 each) are designer Albert Lukaschek’s ultimate realization of his cross-coil generator based cartridges. Each use the best materials such as Ebony wood body, MicroRidge stylus and the most advanced coil windings for their application. The Ebony H (2.5mV at 3.54cm/sec) is the best high output moving coil ever made, ideal for MM type phono stages, low gain tube phono stages and AV systems. The Ebony L (.26mV at 3.54cm/sec, 5ohm coil impedance) optimizes with high gain phono stages (>60dB) with input impedance of less than 300 ohms or when using step-up transformers. The Ebony TR is designed specifically for step-up transformers and has an ultra-low output of .1mV and impedance of 1 ohm.

- Output Voltage 3.54 cm/sec - 0.1
- Stylus Shape - Micro Ridge
- Internal Ohms - 1 Ohms
- Loading Range - >10
- Weight - 10.7
- Compliance - 14
- Tracking - 1.6 - 1.9


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