B&W Zeppelin Mini
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B&W Zeppelin Mini

iPod Speaker

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It wasn't long ago that Zeppelin revolutionised the way we listen to our iPods, sweeping away the competition and scooping just about every award going for its incredible sound and sleek looks. And now it’s back. Only this time, it’s smaller. With Zeppelin Mini, you get everything you love about Zeppelin – advanced acoustic technology, intelligent design, elegant connectivity – in a streamlined, compact sound dock package that’s perfect for desktops and bedside tables. Because even when your space is limited, it doesn’t mean your sound has to be.

- Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
- Digital amplifier
- Switch mode power supply
- Rotating Arm for cover flow operation
- Flow port
- USB streaming from PC/Mac
- iPod/ iTunes sync
- Remote control
- Drive units 2x f75mm (3.0 in) full range
- Frequency range -6dB at 38Hz and 20kHz
- Amplifier power output 2x18W
- Power input voltage 100V - 240V ac 50/60Hz on external power supply 16V DC on product
- Rated power consumption 15W
- Standby power consumption <0.8W
- Inputs
- 30-pin iPod connector
- 3.5mm mini jack analogue
- USB 2.0 for PC connection: Streaming, synchronization & software upgrades
- Height 200mm (6.8 in) free standing
- Width 320mm (12.6 in)
- Depth 100mm (4 in) free standing
- Net weight 2.5kg
- Grilles: Black cloth