Atoll ST100se

Atoll ST100se

Music Streamer - DAC

Atoll ST100se
Atoll ST100se
Atoll ST100se
Atoll ST100se
Atoll ST100se
Atoll ST100se

Network Streamer
- All audio files link to the network can be read.
- Displays of all informations (covers, files names, time…)
- “gapless” system (uninterrupted playback of consecutive audio tracks)
- Readable formats: FLAC/WAV 176.7kHz & 192kHz/24bits, ALAC, AIFF, MP3…
- Possible update via internet

- DAC & Pre-amp / connectings
- 2 USB «A » Inputs (1 front & 1 rear).
- Digital Input 1x USB « B » asynchronous (24 bits/192KHz)
- Digital Input 1x Coaxial SPDIF (24 bits/192KHz)
- Digital Input 1x Optical SPDIF (24 bits/192KHz) (PCM1796 for the ST100)
- 2x Analog Inputs
- 1x RJ45 network link
- 1 Wifi antenna
- 1 pair of analog RCA Output
- 1 digital Output (coaxial)
- 1 digital Output (Optical)
- 1 headphones Output (on front panel)
- Bluetooth® receiver (I2S interfaced to the PCM5102)

Internet Radio
With a WIFI or Extranet (RJ45) connection, direct access to internet radios (MP3 or HD) by the vTuner system:
- choice in 15000 stations, 120 countries, 56 genres, podcasts…
- Radio’s logos displays and all information’s available (titles, artists…)

End users
- 3,5″ QVGA TFT color display
- All functions available from the front panel and the remote control
- Serial remote control (volume control, Inputs selection, web radio setup…)
- Control with a free downloaded Apple® or Androïd® app.

The streamer includes DLNA and Upnp protocole that allows direct streaming from some different apps.
- Streaming Qobuz/Tidal with Mconnect (Apple & Android)
- Streaming Qobuz/Tidal with BubbleUPnP (Android)

Audio Specifications
- Symmetrical outputs stages with discrete components polarized in A class
- Analog volume control (with commutated resistors) with possible By-Pass
- Transformer specifically dedicated to audio stages (3,6VA for ST100)
- MKT capacitors for audio links (2,2µF for ST100)
- 1,5mm steel chassis
- Aluminum front panel (black or silver) of 4mm
- Dimensions: 440*290*90 mm
- Weight: 5 Kg

Technical Specifications
- Power Supply: 30 + 3,2VA
- Total of capacitors: 9 858 µF
- Output Stages: 2 discrete stages with no feed-back
- Dynamic: 123 dB
- Output Impedance: 100 Ohm
- Output Level: 2,4 VRMS
- Signal/Noise Ratio: 123 dB
- Distortion at 1kHz: 0,005%
- Bandwidth: 5Hz – 20kHz
- Rising Time: 1,5µs
- Digital/analog Converter: Burr-Brown 24 bits/192 kHz

USB driver
To use the USB-B asynchronous input, you need to download this driver on your computer using Windows software. This is not requisite on iOS or Linux systems.