Artsound SVC4.2
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Artsound SVC4.2

Volume control for 4 sets of loudspeakers

Artsound SVC4.2
Artsound SVC4.2
Artsound SVC4.2
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You can connect the SVC4.2 to four pairs of loudspeakers to one amplifier output. The device ensures that your amplifier will not be subjected to excessive load as a result. The practical dials on the front panel allow you to adjust the volume for each pair of loudspeakers separately. This makes it possible to create up to four
different volume zones. The styling and finishing allows the SVC4.2 to blend in perfectly with your hi-fi installation.

- max. power 2 x 80W (input level)
- loudspeaker output impedance 8Ω
- amplifier input impedance 4Ω
- dim. (h x w x d) 52 x 314 x 240mm
- weight 1,93kg
- colour black / silver-grey