Arcam Solo Sub Woofer
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Arcam Solo Sub Woofer

Wireless/Wired Subwoofer 300W

Arcam Solo Sub Woofer
Arcam Solo Sub Woofer
Arcam Solo Sub Woofer
The Solo bar and Solo sub are designed to offer unrivalled performance and class leading specifications. Extremely rigid materials and high quality construction methods have been incorporated into both products to prevent and dispel resonance, which can colour and distort the sound. The Solo bar offers decoding of all current HD audio formats to ensure that absolutely no sonic detail is lost. The Solo bar features six drive units and 100 watts of amplification to provide high quality, room-filling sound. The Solo sub features a 300 watt amplifier and a downward firing 10" woofer for added low frequency power and scale. It can be connected wirelessly or wired to the Solo bar. The Solo sub also can be used in association with more complex AV systems, for example Arcam’s class-leading AVR450 & AVR750.

- System design One-way speaker with 10 litres internal volume. The cabinet is solidly constructed from machined MDF with internal bracing.
- Drive unit 10” (254mm) subwoofer drive unit with long excursion, magnetically shielded.
- Frequency range 20Hz to 250Hz.
- Impedance 4Ω nominal.
- Sensitivity 85dB/watt measured at 1m.
- Crossover Fourth order Linkwitz-Riley crossover circuit, 24dB/octave (80dB/decade), adjustable for frequency and Q.
- Wireless connections Proprietary 2.4GHz wireless connection to a Solo bar
- Wired connections RIGHT and LEFT/LFE inputs: RCA phono sockets (Gold), max 2.5V, >22Ω.
- Mains supply 110-120V / 220-240V at 50/60Hz.
- Amplifier 300 watts/4Ω, under normal operating conditions, 380W max.
- Finish Dark grey paint.
- Dimensions (W x D x H) 320mm x 320mm x 435mm
- Weight (Packed) 14kg (Note: take care when lifting the unit).