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Computer Music Player software 24BIT/192KHZ

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Product Description.Amarra is the audiophile solution designed to provide the best music reproduction achievable from a computer based system.

Amarra is a critical component in a high fidelity music system. Coupled with the convenience of iTunes, the world's most popular music delivery system, Amarra provides a seamless integration of multiple sample rate and format music formats.

Amarra Software Features
- Plays all high resolution PCM and Apple Lossless formats up to 192kHz
- Support for FLAC, AAC and MP3 playback
- Automatic Hardware Sample Rate Management
- Sonic EQ for pristine equalization and room adjustment
- Advanced iZotope mBit+ dither and digital volume
- Advanced iZotope 64-bit Sample Rate Conversion
- Natively plays Compact Discs - no ripping
- Playlist Mode sidelines iTunes for gapless playback
- Uses iTunes for compressed and rights managed music
- Integration with Apple Remote and iTouch (using rowmote app)
- Optional NoNOISE II noise reduction
- Supports Snow Leopard, Leopard and Tiger versions of OS X

When used with a Model Four the following features are enabled
- Amarra controlled Analog Volume Control
- Integration with DSP based Sonic EQ for room adjustment
- Routing for external components (CD, Phono, DVD, etc)
- Amarra works with most FireWire and USB DACs.
- You will always receive the latest version and are entitled for further updates.

Additional Information
- Operating System Mac OS 10.5+, Mac OS 10.6
- Protection iLok (included)

Available as
- License Download
- Software on DVD