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Amarra Hifi

Computer Music Player software 24BIT/192KHZ

Amarra Hifi
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Amarra HiFi is the Computer Music Player for every music lover that requires better sound quality.
Classic Amarra sound
- Supports sample rates up to 192kHz, 24-bit
- Wide range of music file types
- Auto sample rate switching
- Seamless integration with Apple iTunes

Who Are Amarra Hifi Customers?
Amarra Hifi is targeted at new Sonic Studio customers who love music but who aren’t necessarily audiophiles or heavily invested in high fidelity music systems. They use iTunes to purchase and manage music, may have invested in a DAC and are most likely using a Mac mini or MacBook computer as a music source. Amarra Hifi customers may simply be using the internal DAC on their Macintosh computer with headphones or connected to a home stereo listening system. There are OEM and retail versions of Amarra Hifi. Amarra Hifi OEM version is generally to be co-branded and bundled with specific DAC manufacturer’s products, supports up to 96kHz, 24-bit audio, does not support FLAC and includes in-app upgrade purchase capability.