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Creaktiv Systems Tuning Chip Component

Creaktiv Systems Tuning Chip Component

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Area of application are all Hifi/Audio components and loudspeakers, if possible close at current entrance, loudspeakers and speaker filter.

Since creaktiv introduced the first tuning chip in 2004 it was based on the enormous potential of the information technology for HiFi of Gabriel-Tech. This tuning chip is placed in a distributor box, on extension cables, speakers and amplifiers. Its impact reduces electronic smog produced by potential whirls up to 90%. Advantage: no sound-effecting filter is used. Electric XYZ field measurements in different rooms prove this highly impressive. Since this time the sustainable reliable efficiency of the chips as sound optimizer is proven thousand fold. Extensive test reports in specialist magazines confirm sound improvement by the efficient tuning chips in a way, as previously only possible with high-quality mains filters. This chip technology was now developed by own manipulation to ci2p technology. Furthermore, creaktiv Systems offers new, special chips for new applications, such as the 6mm Mini Chips. These Mini Chips were a special challenge, as in a tight space unusually strong information had to be laid on. But these Mini Chips now allow completely new, extremely costeffective interference suppression abilities. For example on CDs, pickups, cables, connectors, wall outlets, switches, speaker membranes, displays and light fittings – everywhere, where potential whirls are created.

€ 120.00