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Clearaudio Speed light source + Stroboscope Testrecord

Realtime 300 Hz light source, quartz controlled

Article code: AC076 award


An optimum sound can only be achieved with the exact rotational speed!
The Stroboscope Test Record and the quartz-controlled Speed Light allow the exact adjustment of the turntable rotational speed, independent from country mains frequency. The blue 300 Hz light of the Speed Light is independent from fluctuations in mains voltage, thereby avoiding errors inherent in using normal mains lighting.
A quartz oscillator accurately generates the 300 Hz of the Speed light, making exact adjustment possible. Even at different mains voltages (Europe: 50Hz, USA: 60 Hz) it is possible to adjust the rotational speed of your turntable by just using the two-sided clearaudio Stroboscope Testrecord. 

€ 189.00