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AMR CD-77.1

Hybride CD-player


Over the past decade, digital playback has veered off on a tangent, to sound ever more detailed and uninvolving. Hence AMR's CD-77 Compact Disk Processor had one aim and one aim only:

"To bring compact disk playback back en par with the vinyl system."

That is, to put the life, emotion and enjoyment back into listening to compact disks. With this in mind, the CD-77 was developed to sound real, dynamic and most important of all, involving for the listener. 
The core DAC is the classic "King of the Multibit" – Philips TDA1541A chipset. This chipset forms the heart of an extremely unique “Digital Engine” that comprises of the latest Lattic’s CPLD and TI’s DSP devices. 
Combined with the revolutionary “Gomez” analogue stage using pure New Old Stock valves throughout and a total of 5 dedicated audio specified transformers, the CD-77 brings the performance of CD back in-line with the very best vinyl has to offer.

Operation modes: 
- Direct Master I; no digital or analogue filter
- Direct Master II; no digital filter, anti-sin(x)/(x) analogue filter
- Oversampling 2X
- Oversampling 4X
- Upsampling 96KHz
- Upsampling 192KHz 

Compact Disk Drive: Custom, Toploading 
Digital Audio Inputs: 1 x USB interface 
Analog Outputs: 1 X RCA; 1 X XLR per Channel 
Output voltage ( Digital Full Scale) :>2V 
Output Impedance: < 100ohm 
Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20 kHz +0.0, -0.5dB 
Signal-to-noise ratio 'A' Weighted: > 100 dB 
Total Harmonic Dist. + Noise ( THD +N ): <0.3% 
Dynamic range: >90 dB 
Channel separation: >100 dB 
Power consumption: Standby: 45 W, Power on: 90W 
Dimensions: 46cm W by 16cm H by 47cm D 
Weight: 28kg