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Amarra Vinyl

Vinyl Audio Editing & Restoration software

Article code: CAS-AMV

Product Description
Amarra VINYL is the high resolution audio toolset designed to address the workflow of recording, processing, resto- ration, and editing of analog and digital sources. Amarra Vinyl brings together the same set of extensive capabilities used to restore thousands of major classical CD and film recordings. You too can create pristine audio tracks ready for delivery and use in other audio applications.

Amarra VINYL Features
- Stereo recording to 192 kHz AIFF or WAV (with metadata)
- NoNOISE™ II Restoration toolset
- Sonic EQ with 4-Bands, 13 filter topologies, Double Precision RIAA curve
- Sample Rate Conversion
- Powerful Audio Editing
- Infinitely adjustable Fade curves (Cosine/Linear/Exponential)
- Multiple Dither Options
- Export a single or entire side as AIFF or WAV

Additional Information
- Operating System: Mac OS 10.5+, Mac OS 10.6 
- Protection: iLok (not included)

 Available as
- License Download
- Pace ILOK Security key

€ 272.00