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Amarra Symphony

deluxe version of Amarra Computer Music Player software.

Article code: SAM_SYM

Amarra Symphony Includes all the features and functionality of the Amarra Computer Music Player plus 2 seat activation, extra Full Sonic Mastering EQ, and meters. 
Amarra is the audiophile solution designed to provide the best music reproduction achievable from a computer based system. 

Bring studio-quality sound to your Apple Macintosh based iTunes Library...Experience a level of detail and spaciousness from instruments and vocals that will blow you away!

Amarra offers 
- Improved Transient Response 
- Increased Subject Loudness 
- Improved Soundstage 
- Enhanced Bass Response 
- Refined Imaging / Improved soundstage 

- Adds the Sonic Studio Engine to iTunes
- Sample rate support up to 384kHz 
- Automatic Sample Rate switching 
- Plays mp3, mp4, .wav, aiff 
- FLAC to AIFF conversion 
- Native Flac playback
- Cache memory playback
- Independent play list creation
- Can work independently from iTunes
- Sonic Mastering dither algorithms
- Sonic EQ window
- Sonic EQ link via iTunes EQ interface
- Single license for use on two computers in the same household
- Supports Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard, Leopard and Tiger versions of OS X 

Available as
- Software is supplied as download with an activation code

€ 482.00