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Acoustic Revive USB-1.0SPS

USB Cable - 1mtr


Acoustic Revive USB-1.0SPS (1 Meter)
Evolution of the transmission speed and texture of the sound. “USB cable” series cables which have been highly reputed till now have been further improved by changing the shielding from PE to a fluorine system resin and the damper material from cotton to pure silk (natural silk). The result is an extreme improvement of the non-dielectric constant which leads to a further evolution of the transmission speed and texture of the sound. Apart from a solid single-core PCOCC-A conductor, there is 100% shielding by the use of a copper-foil shield. We also have a Carbon SF tube which prevents exterior noise and radiation noise, plus an anti-vibration USB plug made from a solid block of 2017S air craft grade aluminum alloy as in the original models, however, the evolution of the new version is obvious.

€ 399.00