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Acoustic Revive ECI50

for a better contact and conductivity


We are now ready to release ECI-50 onto the market. There is a much higher level of nano-diamond carbon particles which has enabled us to achieve a vastly better contact and conductivity. In addition, nano-diamond carbon particles are added in the Good hi-tech oil of the dispersibility and in this reason, it does not become black like the conventional product, but is water-white. Moreover, as the oil is of a longer life and higher stability compared with conventional squalane oil, it does not get dried like squalane oil. Additionally, nano diamond carbon particles are mixed with the finest high tech oil to aid dispersion, due to this, it does not become black like conventional products but is water white (transparent). The major effect is that the nano-diamond carbon particles can get into the minute unevenness of the contact parts which increases the contact surface and improves the conduction characteristics. One proven example of this is that the processing speed of a P/C improved by nearly 20%. Stability increases after applying the liquid in about 24 hours, and sound quality improves drastically. ECI-50 does not have a ‘signature tone’ side effect like conventional contact revival liquids, instead, we obtain a natural and clearly superior sound after treatment with ECI-50.

€ 149.50