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Acoustic Revive CD MAX The Sound at Zero Point

Sound Improvement CD-R

This sound was recorded at a famous Japanese Power-Spot where is located on a great rift valley that runs through the Japanese Islands. This is a very rare “Zero-Magnetic Field” where several abnormal and mysterious phenomenons were reported from ancient days.

How to use [The Sound at ZERO Point- MAX]

Treatment (1) While playing CD, DVD or Vinyl disc, playback this CD-R simultaneously by a CD player which is connected to the same audio system.

Treatment (2) While playing CD, DVD or Vinyl disc, playback this CD-R at a minute sound by another audio system or a portable CD player simultaneously. ** A small sound from a Headphone or an Earphone is also effective. 

Treatment (3) Before playing CD, DVD or Vinyl discs, playback this CD-R by a CD player of your system to improve the capability of your audio system itself. (This is a same effect as a “Burn-in CD”) ** It is more effective to apply Treatment (1) after processing Treatment (3).

Effects of the above treatments
- A three-dimensional impression and a reality of the sound are improved.
- The sound isolation from the speakers is improved.
- Width and depth of the sound stage is enlarged.

€ 190.00