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Graham Slee Bitzie



The Bitzie is a tiny USB DAC/headphone amp for Android phones*, tablets, MAC book, and any PC, MAC or Linux USB port - desktop or laptop.
*requires an OnTheGo adapter - Android Jellybean upwards 

Driverless Plug & Play!
Completely driverless it accepts 24 bit 48kHz and 16 bit 44.1kHz (CD quality).

Two headphones!
It has two headphone sockets: 3.5 mini-jack and full size 1/4 inch jack - and can drive both low and high impedance full-size headphones, as well as IEMs.

Active speaker drive!
It is supplied with a stereo RCA jack adapter to connect it to active speakers or a line input on your home audio system - or even to drive power amps direct - and deliver high fidelity sound.

Optical and Coax SPDIF outputs!
The Bitzie USB DAC lets you adapt legacy and SPDIF only DACs to accept USB audio.

Proper real volume control!
Fitted with a real rotary fine quality ALPS analogue volume control - no more fiddly up-down buttons!

Quality components picked for their sonic abilities
It's Z-match too which means it can be used right up to its maximum setting if needed without distorting. Great for maximising volume into 300 Ohm headphones or setting at max out when connected to a preamp input.

Incredible Sound Quality and Stereo Imaging!
Graham Slee products excell in analogue sound quality and superb stereo imaging and the Bitzie USB DAC has to be heard to be believed! When used to drive our Proprius mini-monoblocks it is hard to believe that its musicality could be bettered.

Music On The Go*
Plug & play tested with Samsung Galaxy S3 running Android Jellybean, S4, S5, and Huawai Ascend G6 (EE Kestrel) using an "On-The-Go" adapter. Over 7.5 hours continuous playing time from Samsung Galaxy S3 fully charged battery - not a USB hub.

A Note on Higher Resolution Playback
The Bitzie accepts up to 24 bits at up to 48kHz sampling frequency. Higher resolution files WILL play to the Bitzie from suitable music player software (such as Foobar2000 on a Windows device). However if the software is set to "bit-perfect" (for example when using the Foobar2000 ASIO add-on) higher resolution files will not play whilst that mode is selected.

The S/PDIF coax and optical outputs play out at 16 bit by removing the 4 non-audio bits, and the 4 least significant bits. The difference between 24 bit and 16 bit audio is the noise floor - with 24 bit the noise floor is -120dB (4 non-audio bits ignored makes 20, each bit represents 6dB, and 6 x 20 = 120); with 16 bit the noise floor is 96dB (6 x 16 = 96)

20 great reasons why you should choose the Bitzie USB DAC/External Sound Card...
- Plug & Play (instantly recognised by virtually all operating systems including Windows 8.1)
- Also Plug & Play with Samsung Galaxy S3 running Android Jellybean and many others — 7.5 hours playing on fully charged S3
- No driver downloads (except Windows 98 which is virtually automatic)
- Plays 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192 kHz via VLC media player, Foobar2000 or other freeware players
- 24-bit/44.1 or 48 kHz bit-perfect when running suitable software
- 16-bit/44.1 or 48 kHz S/PDIF permanently on outputs — 75 Ohm transformer isolated coax and optical "toslink" transmitter
- Full-speed USB
- Low clock jitter
- 8x oversampling Burr-Brown USB Audio CODEC
- USB powered - USB compliant 0.5W consumption - one USB unit

Additional active analogue output stage
- Z-match volume control: unlike ordinary volume controls that distort above their mid-point, the z-match volume control is designed to go all the way round to match high impedance headphones.
- Analogue 3rd order Butterworth low pass filter, -1dB at 22kHz, -47dB at 352.8kHz
- 1.55V rms analogue output
- Two stereo output jacks
- Drives most dynamic headphones - low impedance to high impedance
- Drives most power amplifiers and amplified speakers direct
- True analogue rotary volume control
- Smaller than iPod™ footprint - anodized aluminium case
- Smaller than our Voyager portable headphone amplifier
- Included high quality full-size jack to stereo RCA jack adapter
- Designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom

- USB input: 1 x standard B socket; up to 24 bits and 48kHz sampling frequency (music player software can be made to play higher resolution files)
- Digital Outputs: 1 x Coax transformer isolated; 1 x Optical; 16 bits and up to 48kHz sampling frequency
- Coax: Distortion, THD+N 0.001%, Inter-modulation, SMPTE 0.015%, Frequency response 20Hz - 20kHz +/-0.02dB, S-N ratio 96dB
- Optical: Distortion, THD+N 0.001%, Inter-modulation, SMPTE 0.013%, Frequency response 20Hz - 20kHz +/-0.02dB, S-N ratio 96dB
- Analogue outputs: 1 x 3.5mm jack; 1 x 1/4" jack; use either for headphones, or 1/4" jack for line-out via supplied adapter.
- Line-out: Maximum output 1.55V rms, Distortion, THD+N 0.01%, Inter-modulation, SMPTE 0.15%. Frequency response 20Hz - 20kHz +/-1dB, S-N ratio 76dB, Output noise (shorted input), -96dB
- Headphone out into 32 Ohm: Maximum output 750mV rms, Distortion, THD+N, 0.08%, Inter-modulation, SMPTE, 0.25%, Frequency response 20Hz - 20kHz +/-1dB, S-N ratio 72dB

- Plug & play: supported by native drivers built-in to virtually all operating systems
- Music player software will need to be loaded on your device, for example: Foobar2000 (FB2K), VLC media player, Google Play (on mobiles)
- Music player software can be made to play higher resolution files
- For use with Android phones, an On The Go (OTG) adapter cable is normally required
- For use with iPhones, a camera adapter is usually required

€ 525.00