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Kimber Kable Jumper 8TC

Loudspeaker Cable jumpers

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Improve on the performance of 4TC Jumper Cables and hear better sound from your biwirable speakers! Jumpers in useOur 8TC Jumper Cables are a higher-performance version of our popular 4TC Jumper Cables. Use them when you use a single run of ‘speaker cable with bi-wirable loudspeakers. If you use them to replace these (usually nasty sounding) gold plated metal links, you’ll hear a far smoother, sweeter sound. A set is sufficient for two speakers

- 16 VariStrand™ conductors
- Hyper-pure copper with Teflon™ insulation 23cm (9") long
- Supplied in pairs with terminations of your choice
- PM25 Spades fit binding posts upto 6mm thick & PM33 upto 8mm

250.00 € 125.00