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Clearaudio Sigma

Clearaudio Sigma

Low Output MC Cartridge

Article code: PROMO

Clearaudio MC pu "For those of you stepping up to the Clearaudio for the first time you will be shocked to discover exactly how much more information excists hidden within those precious grooves you thought you knew too well.".

- Design Principle: Moving Coil System with 24 Karat gold wires
- Housing Material: Handcrafted special Fernambuk woodTotal
- Mass: 4 grams Stylus TRIGON II. diamond orientated (tip radius 5x40 nü/m)
- Cantilever: Clearaudio boron
- Coil array Symmetr. to pivot point (Clearaudio-patent)
- Compliance hor./vert. 15/15 nü m /mN
- Minimum Tracking Force: 1.6 grams
- Recommended Tracking Force: 2.2 grams
- Maximum Tracking Force: 2.8 grams
- Channel Separation: >35 dB
- Channel Balance: <0.5 dB
- Output Voltage: (ati 5 cm/sec peak) 0.6 mV
- System impedance 50 Ohms

1400.00 € 1000.00