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Acustica Applicata DAAD2 - Black

Acustica Applicata DAAD2 - Black

Acoustic Control 120Hz

Article code: EX-DEMO

3 piece available

The DAADs are "sound harmonizers". They are capable to unlock the part of music actually hidden by the sound environment and to absorb what the room sends back to us at too high a level. The double internal chamber, very efficient to control low frequencies, the special shape of the wide diffusing surface and the exact control of diffusion of medium and high frequencies are the keys to make the DAADs actually "music deliverer"; devices 

- Max diameter 22 cm
- H. 110 cm
- For resonances over 120 Hz
- For early lateral and back reflections 

Available in: black, grey and white.

515.00 € 350.00