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AH! Njoe Tjoeb Reference Siemens

AH! Njoe Tjoeb Reference Siemens

Tube CD player including SuperTubeClock - 100% MINT

Article code: EX-DEMO

The basis for the AH! Njoe Tjoeb Reference 4000 is the Marantz Oem CD-4000 cd-player. Multi-read drive lets you listen to conventional CDs as well as recordable CD-Rs and record/erase CD-RWs. Fully-floating VAM 1201 transport mechanism and Digital Servo Drive facilitate accurate CD reading and rapid track access. Low-noise Bitstream digital-to-analogue converter with Continuous Calibration filter minimises linearity distortion for highest quality performance. Customised components are used throughout, for improved tonal and image accuracy. Variable output permits remote control of CD player volume level even if system amplifier is not remote controlled. Coaxial digital output for digital recording. Peak search for quick and best adjustment of recording level. Simple/optimal EDIT functions for best fit of tracks and minimising tape wastage with same OEM recording decks. Remote controlled Auto Music Scan (AMS) of CD contents. Several random and repeat modes for non-stop music. Headphone output for private listening.

- Tube Outputstage
- AC noisekiller
- SuperCrystal
- Digital Output Transformer
- Tsoeb Sjoes, 4 special feet
- De Mat, Cd-mat
- Spare Ribs, 6 best quality ringe for tube damping
- AC Direkt Power Cable
- Burr Brown OPA627 Opamps
- Siemens E288CC Tubes (The best)
- 24 bits / 192 Khz dac upsampler board

One SuperTubeClock Clock is included and factory installed, a second or thirth can be installed optional.

1600.00 € 1280.00