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Gold Note S-3 Anniversary

Integrated Amplifier 2 x 100Watt - Solid State

Article code: PROMO


Only one unit available, new and factory closed box

The S-3 Signature II is a single ended Dual-Mono solid state stereo integrated amplifier features the proprietary Mirror-Amp™ electronic design producing a super-linear signal, thus virtually eliminating distortion. The power supply is handled by three E.I. custom made transformers, of which two dedicated to the audio signal path, while a smaller galvanically isolated powering all the accessory functions such as the motorized volume control, the relays, the power ON led light and even the micro-chip used for electro-mechanical functions. The S-3 SIGNATURE II does not have active or passive filters on the audio signal path. Four thermal switches strategically positioned shut off temporarily the amplifier reaches a too high internal temperature till cooling down. To ensure large power capability the S-3 SIGNATURE II features two precision low noise fans separately powered to keep the unit cooler and more stable. The fan’s bearings are low noise kind increasing the speed proportionally to limit the unnecessary noise. The amplifier chassis is made of Steel to minimize RFI and EMI interference. The S.3 Signature II features a high quality built in headphone amplifier having a 6,3mm jack input.

- Integrated Dual Mono 100 Watt Per Channel
- 5 Line Inputs + 1 Virtual Vinyl Line Input
- Dual Mono Ie Core Transformers With 3rd Transformer For Service Stages Only
- 6,3mm Headphone Input
- Aluminium Front Panel

- Power Output: 100w + 100w @ 20-20000hz S-3 Signature
- 75w + 75w @ 20-20.000hz S-3 Standard
- Frequency Response : 20hz – 20khz @ +/- 3db
- Thd (Total Harmonic Distortion): <0,2% @ 20hz – 20 Khz Ratio Signal To Noise : -90db Damping Factor: >100
- Slew Rate: 13volt/µs
- Volume Control: Motorised Alps Potentiometer

Audio Inputs
- Analogue Inputs: 4 Per Line Rca + 1 Xlr & 1 Rca Phono Stereo (Optional)
- Input Sensitivity: 550mv
- Input Impedance: 47kω
- Phono Input Impedance (Optional): 470ω Mc – 47kω Mm
- Phono Input Gain (Optional): 62db Mc – 48db Mm
- Headphone: 6.3mm Jack Input

Audio Outputs
- Speaker: Gold Plated Binding Posts
- Fixed Output: One Stereo Rca
- Connectivity
- Remote Infra-Red: Rc5 Proprietary Code Variable On Volume Only

- Mains Supply: 100v ▪ 115v ▪ 230v ▪ 50 Or 60hz (Depending On Market Destination Not Convertible)
- Power Transfomers: 2 Audio E Core Customised + 1 Controlling
- Power Consumption: 350watt Max – 40watt Min.

- Dimensions: 425mm L X 105mm H X 325mm D
- Total Weight: 12kilos (26lbs.)

2500.00 € 1500.00