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Gold Note Demidoff Signature Anniversary

Integrated Amplifier 2 x 50Watt

Article code: EX-DEMO


The Demidoff Signature III is the latest version of our first integrated amplifier and today belongs in the exoteric Diamond Line. As all the Demidoff amps, the Signature III is handcrafted to maximize audio performance.  The Demidoff Signature III uses most of the design of the Demidoff Diamond II and Demidoff Silver Plus II including the proprietary Mirror-Amp™ and the multi transformer inductive power supply designs.  The audio signal path is wired with solid core OFC copper bars providing a super conductive rail with the lowest skin effect available. The Signature III features a Double Mono Active Volume Control system developed using a Texas Instruments PGA2310 device that provides superior quality and a fine stepping control of 0.5dB through high precision 0.1% resistors.

- Stereo Amplifier
- Single End Integrated Amplifier
- 50 Watt Per Channel
- Input: 4pr Rca & 2pr Xlr
- Pre Out: 2pr Rca & Amp In: 1pr Rca
- Inductive Multi
- Transformers Power Supply
- Volume And Input Remote

- Power Output: 50w + 50w @ 20-20000hz
- Frequency Response: 10hz – 25khz @ +/- 1db
- Thd (Total Harmonic Distortion): <0.2% Thd @ 20hz – 20khz Ratio Signal To Noise: -102db Damping Factor: >150
- Slew Rate: 13volt/µs
- Volume Control: Double Mono Active Volume Control

Audio Inputs
- Analogue Inputs: 4 Per Rca & 2 Per Xlr Stereo
- Input Sensitivity: 550mv
- Input Impedance: 47kω
- Power Amplifier Input: Stereo Rca

Audio Outputs
- Pre Out: One Stereo Rca
- Speaker: Gold Plated Binding Posts

- Remote Infra-Red: Rc5 Proprietary Code Variable

- Mains Supply: 100v ▪ 115v ▪ 230v ▪ 50 Or 60hz (Depending On Market Destination Not Convertible)
- Power Transfomers: 4 Audio E Core Customised + 8 Decoupling + 1 Service Unit
Power Consumption: 340watt Max – 70watt Min.

- Dimensions: 460mm L X 245mm H X 450mm D
- Total Weight: 40kilos (88lbs.)

7800.00 € 4680.00