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Micromega AP180 - Black

Multichannel Processor 3 x 180W

Article code: EX DEMO


For all audiophiles who have gone to great lengths to fine tune their stereo sound system, dealing with home theater sound reproduction is a great challenge, which many hesitate to take up. The AP-180 has been designed precisely for them. Indeed, the AP-180 is the perfect complement for any stereo system, even highly sophisticated ones. It’s a truly musical product because we have totally eliminated the video signal, which results in pristine musical reproduction. It also features all of the necessary circuits to decode Dolby Digital, DTS and Dolby ProLogic II formats. The AP-180 features 2 analog inputs, 4 coaxial and optical digital inputs, 3 180W/4O amplifiers, 6 output lines and an RS 232 port. It is the ideal partner for all Micromega amplifiers, but will also fit perfectly into any other stereo system equipped with an auxiliary or direct input. In Standby mode, the AP-180 remains totally transparent, thus respecting the integrity of your stereo system.

1750.00 € 1000.00