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Amarra Broadband Denoise Native - License Download

Article code: ANS-BBDN

The Broadband DeNoise option  is designed to address audio contamination from broadband or wideband noise sources. Whether the problems are electrical or acoustical, the Broadband DeNoise module can vastly improve perceived fidelity and provide a quiet, more uniform noise floor to your recordings without objectionable artifacts or any shift in timbre or room tone.

Some impairments that Broadband DeNoise addresses include
- modulation and asperity noise on analog magnetic recordings
- obtrusive grain–induced noise in optical motion picture soundtracks
- Johnson noise in analog signal chains
- acoustical noises from engines, HVAC units, wind, water, insects & other sources
- colorless suppression of excessive reverberation

The Broadband DeNoise option is available in a native version for soundBlade. This is a real–time, foreground, user–directed mono or stereo tool. Broadband DeNoise is fully adjustable, which allows for fine control of the restoration process. The Broadband DeNoise process can also be run with default settings for cost–constrained, time–critical jobs or as a “black box,” real–time flow–through processor.

€ 1099.00